Robert Morris at Sonnabend

Good morning contemporary art lovers!
Sonnabend gallery hosts a beautiful exhibition of Robert Morris new felt works since the 1990s. American sculptor, conceptual artist and writer, Robert Morris began working with industrial felt in 1967. He is knows as one of the most prominent theorists of Minimalism and has also made many contributions to the development of performance art, land art, installation art.

Here he combined red and black felt, sliced the felt into different shapes before hanging and folded it to create monumental and imposing forms. As he said in an interview, he wanted to find a way of working that would subvert a priori intentions and that would generate unpredictable and indeterminate consequences. He began working with ropes and rags, then felt... The early felt works are supposed to have multiple positions: thrown on the floor or hung on the wall; but works on the wall are easier to deal with. And most often, once works are photographed nobody wants to hear about the alternative position.

Exhibition runs on until July 1st and includes two short films and also many drawings which are made by the artist with his eyes blindfolded and belonging to the series "Blind Time" begun in 1973.

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