Snowing session!!

Good evening contemporary art lovers!
When I woke up this morning I expected to see snow falling through my window. I love the snow, it reminds me my childhood in Verbier! New York under the snow... it's freezing but it's so beautiful! And I am not the only one who likes it...

Chanel on Ice, 1997 Mounted PrintBetter known for his portraits of Amanda Lepore or other celebrities, David LaChapelle is also an amazing creator of images. Here, he shows us two female legs wearing hight heels, made of ice and sticking out or a pile of snow, in the middle of nowhere. Titled "Chanel on Ice", this photograph is interesting because the subject is very sexy, very sensual, very "hot" but the material that he used is "cold", ice and snow. It is an interesting contrast between the two worlds of fire and ice. Fire under ice... beware of distant women maybe they are hot!

Michaela Gleave is a young artist who lives and works in Sydney. She is interested in working on the peripheries of sensory perception, everyday climate and natural phenomena (cloud, light, rain, snow...). Her installations question the relationship we have with our surroundings and are most often at the junction between art and science. She tests the boundaries of perceptual experiences. "Snowdrift" is an installation that she made in 2009 on the front lawn of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. This installation also raises the question of temporality and duration of life of a work of art.

British born sculptor, photographer and environmentalist, Andy Goldsworthy creates both temporary and permanent sculptures by using natural and found objects. He uses flowers, mud, pinecones, snow, stone... and lets nature gives ideas of what to make. However he tries to organize compositions instead of randomly placing objects. He wants to understand nature and being a part of it, as well as participating as intimately as he can. As his sculptures are most often ephemeral and transient, photography takes an important part in his work.

Ready to go skiing? I've never skied in US before, maye I should try... Who knows if I could find an amazing installation or sculpture!

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